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Fluxcourse Students visit NEON Headquarters

July 20 2016
One of our summer highlights is the opportunity to host an array of graduate students, postdocs and early career scientists participating in the Fluxcourse for a day at NEON headquarters.
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Building a community that thrives online, offline and after the meeting

September 07 2012
By Sandra Chung Wordles of all tweets to the #ESA2012 hashtag from (left to right) Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the meeting week. Word size corresponds to the frequency of its appearance in...
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Small mammal data are now available

December 10 2014
NEON is pleased to announce that our first small mammal data have been published on our data portal ! This information was collected during the 2013-14 seasons and includes information collected from five sites located in Florida, Georgia, and Colorado.
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Learning to train the next generation of data scientists

April 21 2016
In late January 2016, Megan Jones , a NEON staff scientist and science educator participated in a Software Carpentry & Data Carpentry Instructor Training Workshop...
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Inaugural Data Institute: reproducible remote sensing science using NEON data

September 15 2016
In mid-June, 23 early career scientists from far and wide descended upon NEON headquarters for a week-long Data Institute. The inaugural Institute featured NEON remote sensing data and focused on...
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Researchers introduce macrosystems approach to study stream ecology

January 21 2015
By Jennifer Tidball (Kansas State University) Kansas State University scientists and collaborators have developed a new method for studying a variety of streams — including tropical, prairie or...
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NSF Releases Video on NEON/CSU Wildfire Study

June 10 2013
One year after the devastating High Park Fire, the National Science Foundation has released a video documenting the first round of airborne and ground-based data collection for the High Park Fire...
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NEON and NASA Team up at the Frontier of Remote Sensing in Ecology

June 21 2013
The NEON Airborne Observation Platform ( AOP ) team and a crowd of researchers from several different U.S. institutions joined forces in the Sierra Nevada and San Joaquin Valley in mid-June 2013 for...
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Reflections on remote sensing, ecology and the NEON AOP

June 15 2012
By Leah Wasser A few summers ago, I spent my time in the field hugging trees. While I’ve been called a hippie in the past, this was hardly hippie behavior. This was research. I was an ecology Ph.D...
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