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USGS Colloquium: Dave Schimel on "The Design of NEON and the Future of Ecological Forecasting"

March 11 2010
Dave Schimel presented a webcasted talk at the USGS campus in Menlo Park, CA on Feb 8, 2010, called "The Design of NEON and the Future of Ecological Forecasting." The USGS Western Region Colloquium (...
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NEON Completes New Prototype Site

October 25 2010
NEON has completed civil construction of its first production-grade prototype site, located near Sterling, Colorado. The site is located in an agricultural area. Construction of the prototype site...
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NEON Hosts Congressman Jared Polis on Earth Day

April 24 2014
Congressman Jared Polis toured NEON headquarters, heard short presentations and participated in a town hall discussion with NEON staff on Earth Day, April 22, 2014.
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Tracking isotopes to illuminate Nature's grand recycling program

January 22 2013
By David Hoekman As I stand in the sun on the shore of a beautiful Icelandic lake, the wind dies down and the midges rise from their resting places in the lakeshore grasses and wildflowers. The fog...
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NSF Director Visits NEON Headquarters

June 07 2011
NEON hosted a visit from Dr. Subra Suresh, the Director of the National Science Foundation (NSF), on Monday. Dr. Suresh and several colleagues also with the NSF, including Tim Killeen (Assistant...
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Ecologically-Friendly Construction at a Continental Scale

September 01 2013
NEON has to build dozens of sites across the country that satisfy its scientific and operations requirements, and we have to do it on time and under budget. One key requirement for NEON site...
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NEON to Adopt Community Standards for Soil Microbe Samples

November 18 2010
NEON will adopt the "Minimum Information about an ENvironmental Sequence" (MIENS) specification for metadata associated with soil genomes. The MIENS document advances the Genomic Standards Consortium...
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US Ecological Observatory Receives New NSF Funding

January 24 2011
The Director of the National Science Foundation (NSF) and representatives of the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) have completed two Cooperative Support Agreements that will fund design...
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Macrosystems Biology: How to share, manage and cite big data and team science?

April 12 2012
By Dr. Dave Schimel Last month, I participated in the first Principal Investigator meeting of NSF’s new Macrosystems Biology program . The NSF solicits proposals to “support quantitative,...
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