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NEON Clears Important Hurdle, Awaits Construction Money

May 07 2010
The National Science Board (NSB), governing body of the National Science Foundation (NSF), has authorized the NSF Director, at his discretion, to make an award for construction of the National...
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Bridging the Data Divide Down Under

December 11 2012
Scientists of the future may be able to compare the spread of invasive species in the northeastern U.S. with invasive species proliferation throughout Australia and link it to a common cause. NEON is...
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Tracking a million trillion trillion unseen lives, with help

December 12 2011
By Jacob Parnell Even after more than a decade of working with microbes, I still find it amazing that more than 99% of the biodiversity on Earth is invisible. Microbes more than make up for their...
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Learning on the fly

June 19 2012
By M. Johnson I got a little nervous as I watched the first group of people disembarking the plane and saw one of my AOP team members carrying two little white bags. I’ve never had a weak stomach or...
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Dr. Taylor goes to Washington

February 16 2012
By Jeff Taylor I stare intently at the Senior Congressional Legislative Assistant seated opposite me. He stares back, his eyes equally intent. I wet my lips and slowly repeat my question to let him...
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NEON and TERN Sign Interoperability and Collaboration Agreement

May 24 2013
NEON and the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) signed a memorandum of understanding in mid-May 2013. The MOU is a written agreement to foster collaboration and interoperability between...
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NEON in Prototype

June 22 2010
We've completed the reviews, written the documents, and the last item on our planning agenda is to await FY2011 Congressional budget approval for NSF funding to begin construction. So what’s next for...
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NEON Collaborates with EcoSIS Team on New Spectral Data Resource

July 15 2013
A team of researchers led by Phil Townsend at the University of Wisconsin recently received NASA funding to prototype a new public repository for standardized, high-quality spectral measurements of...
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A NEON postcard from the Arctic to the New York Times

November 26 2012
The New York Times Dot Earth blog featured a "Postcard" from our very own scientists and blog contributors Jeff Taylor and Mike SanClements. As you can tell from the photos in their contributor...
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