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North American Soils Analysis Yields New Research Guidelines and Continental-Scale Patterns

February 05 2014
Just as most of an iceberg stays hidden under the surface of the ocean, many of the most important ecosystem processes happen underfoot. Soil properties, processes and organisms play key roles in...
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2015 NEON Science Capability Assessment: A focus on near-term research opportunities

April 17 2015
The SCA report represents an effort to assess the research and science opportunities enabled by NEON data and resources.
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Controlling the Firehose: Mapping Data's Route From Field to Browser

August 18 2011
By Sandra Chung In the East Wing of NEON headquarters, a door marked “Data Center” opens to a chilly, white-walled room. Eight tall cabinets with black mesh doors stand in a row across the middle of...
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A BOLD way to crowdsource genetic data

October 26 2015
NEON shares specimens with BOLD, one of the largest genetic databases in the world, where users may search over 1.7M public records.
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Jewels with legs: The importance of bioarchives in studying the effects of climate change

February 07 2011
By Sandra Chung I'm no entomologist, but since I started work as a communications specialist at NEON, I'm starting to understand why it's important to keep insects around. During my first week at...
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Behind the push for NEON

July 28 2011
Climate is changing rapidly and rates of climate change may well be more rapid than ecological systems can respond. This year’s 30-year climate normals (1981-2010) are 0.5 o warmer than the 1971-2000...
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Joint European-U.S. Observatory Planning Continues at NEON

October 02 2013
The second annual COOPEUS (COOPeration EU and U.S.) strategic planning meeting was held at NEON last week in order to continue the development of joint harmonization and interoperability between...
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NEON releases a higher education video on photosynthesis

October 28 2014
Did you ever wonder how scientists measure photosynthesis? Check out the latest NEON educational video.
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On Dogs, Fleas, and Continental Scale

August 24 2011
By Jeff Taylor It’s been about 3 months since I started working in the Fundamental Instrument Group at NEON and it’s been a mix of exciting new science, hard work, and lots of new friends. I’ve...
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