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AOP covers ground with 166 flight hours in 2015

October 13 2015
The NEON Airborne Observation Platform (AOP) team recently wrapped up their fourth flight season. Learn how much ground AOP covered this summer and how to request NEON AOP data.
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Groundwork in the snow for measurements in the wind

March 21 2013
It was January 2013 in Toolik, Alaska, about 160 miles north of the Arctic Circle, and the temperature was minus 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Jeff Taylor (NEON atmospheric physicist) and I (NEON...
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Aquatic data available from NEON

September 18 2015
July of this year marked an important milestone for the NEON project. Data from six aquatic field sites were made available on the NEON Data Portal. These data along with data from 27 terrestrial field sites are now available for download.
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Wanted: Not Dead, But Alive - And Out Cold

September 22 2011
Insects come in a variety of shapes and colors that dazzle our eyes. But there’s one insect that you almost always hear before you see it (if you see it at all), and chances are the sound of it...
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Teaming Up to Scale Up: Laying the Groundwork for a NEON-NASA Collaboration

October 05 2011
NEON’s Airborne Observation Platform (AOP) team went to unusual heights in late September, taking only ground-based observations in the first of several planned collaborations with NASA. The team...
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NEON purchases soil coring machine for more efficient soil sensor installation

February 17 2015
In an effort to provide standardized and more efficient ways to install soil sensors, NEON recently purchased the first of several soil coring machines to install soil sensors up to three meters deep at all 60 terrestrial sites around the US.
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Explore the connections between plants and climate in new video

June 01 2015
How does a changing climate affect plants? Find out in Project BudBurst’s newest video, Changing Climates: What’s a plant to do?
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Dear future NEON data users: Thanks for your input!

March 07 2014
While we’ve released some preliminary data from newly constructed field sites , our data portal is a work in progress. We want to know what you, future users of NEON data, are looking for when you...
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New York Now! features NEON's work at Harvard Forest, MA

August 20 2012
Earlier this month, while most of NEON's science staff was soaking up the science at the Ecological Society of America's Annual Meeting in Portland , our Airborne Observation Platform team was in...
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