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Learning to train the next generation of data scientists

April 21 2016
In late January 2016, Megan Jones , a NEON staff scientist and science educator participated in a Software Carpentry & Data Carpentry Instructor Training Workshop...
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4th NEON undergraduate internship program starts off strong

June 16 2016
Six enthusiastic undergraduate interns arrived at NEON headquarters in May to participate in NEON’s fourth annual undergraduate internship program . Learn more about who they are and what they are working on.
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Testing muddy waters: protocol performance in Alabama wetlands

April 30 2015
NEON systems engineering staff visit the Maycreek, AL site in the Ozarks Complex (Domain 8) to perform acceptance testing of the Aquatic Observation System (AOS) field protocols.
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Dr. Jim Collins on NEON: Are you ready?

October 14 2009
In this presentation, Dr. James P. Collins presented a compelling vision for how NEON fits into US plans to address environmental challenges in the coming decades. The following five clips provide...
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Learning is a two-way street

September 09 2013
By Liz Goehring Internship programs are all about learning – learning your discipline; learning about work environments and careers; about time management and teamwork; about yourself. I’m an...
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Big Data Part II

September 05 2012
This is the second piece in a three-part series about the status and future of Big Data in ecology. The ultimate goal of this series is to spur exploration and discussion of what Big Data means,...
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Prototyping Continued: Bridging the Gap From Land to Sky

September 16 2010
Prototyping events during the last three weeks have been integral to establishing a clear and consistent link between NEON organismal and airborne measurements, and are a critical step toward...
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Success for NEON: A $433M Slot in Obama’s Budget Plans

February 02 2010
NEON staff and colleagues celebrated a major achievement on Monday when the Obama Administration’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2011 budget request to Congress was unveiled. NEON has been included in the...
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The NEON Mobile Deployment Platform: Help Design a Tool to Advance Your Research

November 15 2012
Wildfire, floods, drought and insect outbreaks. These and other disturbances all have the potential to affect ecosystem health and function and alter their ability to provide services society depends...
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