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Combining Data with Models to Bring Continental Scale to Ecology

December 04 2012
By Sandra Chung It’s July 2012, and NEON Data Products Scientist Andy Fox is teaching summer school 9,500 feet above sea level. He is explaining data assimilation to a room full of scientists taking...
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Underground biomass: Getting to the root of it

October 29 2013
By Jen Everhart and Julia Spencer Adorned with sweet, bright, orange safety vests and serious hardhats--excavation tools in hand--Jen Everhart, Julia Spencer and I are ready for sampling. Our mission...
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NEON Undertakes its First Natural Disaster Response to Colorado’s High Park Wildfire

August 21 2012
In the largest study of its kind, NEON will collaborate with Colorado State University to provide airborne remote sensing data to study devastating wildfire effects. FORT COLLINS -- In response to...
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Laura Leyba-Newton on succeeding in a male-dominated STEM field

June 17 2015
Laura Leyba-Newton has a big job overseeing the NEON Engineering team, Cal/Val team and Audit Lab. Learn how she found her STEM path in our third interview of the NEON #WomeninSTEM series.
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Calling all Undergraduates Enrolled in STEM Programs

November 17 2015
Are you looking for real-world experience in your chosen STEM-related field this coming summer? Then consider a paid internship with the National Ecological Observatory Network(NEON)!
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Comfort in Consistency: The Critical Job of NEON's Calibration and Validation Laboratory

June 15 2011
By Sandra Chung Deep inside the technical facility at NEON’s headquarters, test design engineer Guillermo Oviedo walks into a room with solid black walls. He stands next to a waist-high table...
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Reflections on remote sensing, ecology and the NEON AOP

June 15 2012
By Leah Wasser A few summers ago, I spent my time in the field hugging trees. While I’ve been called a hippie in the past, this was hardly hippie behavior. This was research. I was an ecology Ph.D...
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Citizen Science Then and Now

August 19 2013
In the latest issue of American Scientist, NEON Citizen Science Director Sandra Henderson and Chicago Botanic Garden Senior Scientist Kayri Havens describe the evolution of the six-year-old NEON...
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NEON presents its first higher education video

July 18 2014
NEON is excited to present its first video in a series of multimedia resources. The Story of LiDAR Data provides a general overview of LiDAR data and highlights how LiDAR data is used to measure structural characteristics of trees.
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