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Researchers introduce macrosystems approach to study stream ecology

January 21 2015
By Jennifer Tidball (Kansas State University) Kansas State University scientists and collaborators have developed a new method for studying a variety of streams — including tropical, prairie or...
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An engineer and a scientist walks into a lab ...

April 17 2013
By Janae Csavina My job as the Quality Assurance/Quality Control Scientist in the Calibration, Validation and Audit Laboratory (CVAL) at the NEON project started in August 2012. I was straight out of...
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Testing muddy waters: protocol performance in Alabama wetlands

April 30 2015
NEON systems engineering staff visit the Maycreek, AL site in the Ozarks Complex (Domain 8) to perform acceptance testing of the Aquatic Observation System (AOS) field protocols.
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Windows into unseen waters

April 24 2012
By Michael Fitzgerald For most people, water is just something that comes out of a faucet in their house. We pay little attention to how it gets there. For some of us, though, water and especially...
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NSF Releases Video on NEON/CSU Wildfire Study

June 10 2013
One year after the devastating High Park Fire, the National Science Foundation has released a video documenting the first round of airborne and ground-based data collection for the High Park Fire...
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NEON and NASA Team up at the Frontier of Remote Sensing in Ecology

June 21 2013
The NEON Airborne Observation Platform ( AOP ) team and a crowd of researchers from several different U.S. institutions joined forces in the Sierra Nevada and San Joaquin Valley in mid-June 2013 for...
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NASA Technology to Buoy NEON Airborne Observations

November 28 2011
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) has completed the first of three high fidelity imaging spectrometers for use on the NEON project, known as the NEON Imaging Spectrometer Design Verification...
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Success for NEON: A $433M Slot in Obama’s Budget Plans

February 02 2010
NEON staff and colleagues celebrated a major achievement on Monday when the Obama Administration’s Fiscal Year (FY) 2011 budget request to Congress was unveiled. NEON has been included in the...
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4th NEON undergraduate internship program starts off strong

June 16 2016
Six enthusiastic undergraduate interns arrived at NEON headquarters in May to participate in NEON’s fourth annual undergraduate internship program . Learn more about who they are and what they are working on.
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