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Announcing our 2017 summer research interns

April 19 2017
It’s hard to believe that we are entering our fifth year of the NEON undergraduate internship program. This unique, cross-disciplinary program exposes undergraduate students to the challenges and...
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One fish, two fish, learn how NEON samples fish

April 04 2017
You won’t find any fishing line, hooks or bobbers in NEON’s aquatic technician field gear. Instead, groups of 3-4 technicians utilize a technique called electrofishing to catch fish and collect data related to fish diversity and populations.
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March 03 2017
Studies have found that ground beetles are an excellent indicator species of arthropod biodiversity, environmental change, land use and land management. Learn more about why and how NEON samples beetles.
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2017 NEON AOP flight campaign schedule now available

February 24 2017
We are excited to announce the 2017 flight campaign schedule for NEON’s Airborne Observation Platform. The campaign will run from March to November, covering eighteen NEON domains with forty-three terrestrial sites and twenty-four aquatic sites
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Apply now for NEON’s Data Institute: Remote Sensing and Reproducible Workflows

February 23 2017
Applications are due March 10, 2017 for the 2017 Data Institute: Remote Sensing with Reproducible Workflows provides a unique opportunity for participants to gain hands-on experience working with open data using well-documented, reproducible methods.
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The Catch: NEON Goes Fishing

February 16 2017
Why sample fish? Not only do fish play a major role in our recreation and food industries, but they are a key part of freshwater aquatic ecosystems. Learn how NEON is collecting fish diversity and population data so researchers can gain a complete picture of the food chain in aquatic ecosystems across the United States.
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Looking for fieldwork experience in ecology? Work for NEON

January 30 2017
Each year, NEON hires hundreds of temporary field technicians to assist our full-time field operations staff with observational sampling and now is the perfect time to apply for 2017.
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NEON’s Great Smoky Mountains data will capture Tennessee fire impacts on local ecology

December 20 2016
In mid-November a forest fire started in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, sparkingseveral wildfires that spread uncontrollably. Last week, a safety team ventured out to two impacted field sites to assess the damage.
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New teaching module for using data to understand ecological disturbances

November 18 2016
NEON has published its first undergraduate teaching module aimed specifically at faculty wanting to use data in undergraduate classrooms. The free module, available online, allows students to use real-world ecological data to better understand the causes and effects of natural disturbance events like floods.
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