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Three ways scientists can use NEON today

November 02 2015
Want to know how you can use NEON today? Here's a quick overview of what's available now and where you can find it.
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A BOLD way to crowdsource genetic data

October 26 2015
NEON shares specimens with BOLD, one of the largest genetic databases in the world, where users may search over 1.7M public records.
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AOP covers ground with 166 flight hours in 2015

October 13 2015
The NEON Airborne Observation Platform (AOP) team recently wrapped up their fourth flight season. Learn how much ground AOP covered this summer and how to request NEON AOP data.
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Aquatic data available from NEON

September 18 2015
July of this year marked an important milestone for the NEON project. Data from six aquatic field sites were made available on the NEON Data Portal. These data along with data from 27 terrestrial field sites are now available for download.
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Presidents of the Ecological Society of America share their thoughts on the potential of NEON

September 04 2015
In mid-August, during the Ecological Society of America’s (ESA) centennial annual meeting, 16 past and present ESA presidents gathered to talk about NEON's value to the ecological community.
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Scope change directives designed to ensure overall success of NEON’s construction

August 06 2015
In mid-2015, the NSF announced its decision to rescope the NEON project. While the NEON vision will remain unchanged, some components of the Construction project were reduced or removed. NEON now...
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Andy Fox on teaching next generation data users

July 17 2015
While many NEON scientists are out of the office during the summer doing field work and installing sensors at NEON field sites, some are teaching next-generation data users. This summer, Andy Fox -...
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Mapping the invisible: the power of spectral remote sensing

July 14 2015
Cameras and image spectrometers measure reflected light energy to capture images; when mounted on airplanes and satellites, these instruments help scientists measure changes to the earth’s surface over large areas.
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First buoy sensors installed at core aquatic sites

July 14 2015
NEON, in coordination with staff from Ordway-Swisher Biological Station, recently deployed the Observatory's first in-situ aquatic sensors on to buoys at Suggs and Barco Lake in Florida.
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