Using Observation Networks to Advance Earth System Understanding: State of the Art, Data-Model Integration, and Frontiers

February 13, 2018 - February 15, 2018
Joint CZO, LTER, NEON, & ISMC Workshop

Watch the meeting!  We will be live streaming on 13 & 15 February (days 1 and 3 of the meeting). Watch the talks and join the conversation here

Through a community process, this workshop will

  1. identify the current state-of-the-science to model physical, chemical and ecological processes at and below the Earth’s surface, its strengths, limitations and frontiers;
  2. advance data integration into future model frameworks across networks and sites, thinking specifically about continental scales; and
  3. further build integrative user communities.

Desired Outcomes

  • Build new bridges between networks and user communities
  • Publish paper(s) on frontiers and challenges in this area
  • Prepare proposal(s) for follow-up grants and/or workshops
  • Identify high-priority tools and functions for data-model platform(s)

Meeting Overview

Day 1 - Keynotes and lightning talks; focus on identifying key issues and scientific direction.

Day 2 - Breakouts to synthesize paths for key topics and frontier activities.

Day 3, morning - Bring together all breakouts and develop an action plan, which will likely include white papers, journal articles, and other engagement activities.

Day 3, afternoon - Reserved for attendees that wish to continue to work together.

Pre-workshop Activities

To build community involvement and input, a series of Charrettes (interactive webinars) will be held from Nov 2017-Feb 2018. Those who have been invited to attend the workshop, as well as others interested in the topic, are highly encouraged to attend. 

Charrette #1 – Integration of terrestrial observational networks: Opportunity for improvement of Earth system dynamics modeling (Webinar) Wednesday, November 8th, 9 am Mountain Time.

Note, this charrette highlighted ideas from a manuscript recently submitted to Earth System Dynamics - join the interactive public discussion until 18 Dec 2017.

Charrette #2 –  Harmonizing scale and process representation across the ecosystem of critical zone-oriented models and opportunities for cross-network synthesis (Webinar), Wednesday, December 6th, 9 am Mountain Time.

Charrette #3 – Data Resources and Accessibility Across Observation Networks and Platforms (Webinar), Wednesday, January 17th. 10 am Mountain Time

Science Coordinating Team 

Roland Baatz, Kris Van Looy, and Harry Vereecken (Forschungszentrum Juelich); Jim Tang (Marine Biology Lab); Pamela Sullivan (University of Kansas); Michael Young (University of Texas); Peter Groffman (CUNY, Cary Inst.); Julia Jones (Oregon State University); Praveen Kumar (Univ. of Illinois); Lejo Flores (Boise State University); Hank Loescher, Samantha Weintraub, and Lee Stanish (Battelle NEON)

Questions? Email Samantha Weintraub 



Participants can view logistic information here

Workshop Packet

Workshop materials will be released soon. 

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