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Best laid plans: Prototyping NEON's airborne remote sensing technologies

August 27 2010
It’s late in the evening and I find myself staring at a weather map of Gainesville, Florida watching green and red blobs move across the computer screen. This is an exciting and busy time for the...
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Summer Internship Program Kicks Off

June 18 2014
NEON is pleased to welcome its second cohort of summer interns! This year, seven interns join NEON mentor teams to analyze preliminary AOP, aquatic, and terrestrial data, code algorithms to automate image and data processing, and explore citizen science data for early trends. It promises to be an exciting summer.
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How many scientists does it take to make a pizza the size of a continent?

September 15 2011
Jeff Taylor wrote in his last post: When I originally heard that NEON was going to be the world’s first continental-scale observatory, I was a bit confused. I had spent years working at observatories...
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Presidents of the Ecological Society of America share their thoughts on the potential of NEON

September 04 2015
In mid-August, during the Ecological Society of America’s (ESA) centennial annual meeting, 16 past and present ESA presidents gathered to talk about NEON's value to the ecological community.
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White House Climate Data Initiative Addresses Climate Change Through Open Data

April 09 2014
On March 19, 2014, the White House launched the Climate Data Initiative (CDI), part of President Obama's Climate Action Plan launched in June 2013. The Climate Action Plan is the Administration's blueprint for domestic and international efforts to prepare for the impacts of climate change and reduce carbon emissions. The CDI is meant to spur the innovative use of open machine-readable government data to help communities deal with the impacts of climate change.
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Constructing the NEON user facility to support projects large and small

February 13 2012
In just under four months, civil construction will begin at the first NEON site . The timing couldn’t be better. Ecosystems are increasingly stressed by climate, movement of invasive species over...
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NEON Concludes Site Assessments

November 02 2008
Science staff from the National Ecological Observatory Network have now completed detailed site assessments of all 20 candidate core sites chosen for the continental-scale ecological research...
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At the AGU meeting, inspiration and camaraderie

December 12 2012
By Sandra Chung At about 8:30 am on the morning of December 4th, in the hallway by the elevator on the ninth floor of a hotel in downtown San Francisco, I met a nicely dressed and impatient woman. “I...
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Bridging the Data Divide Down Under

December 11 2012
Scientists of the future may be able to compare the spread of invasive species in the northeastern U.S. with invasive species proliferation throughout Australia and link it to a common cause. NEON is...
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