Supplier Information

Procurement and Contract Information

Applicable Regulations

Contracts and Procurements conducted on behalf of NEON Project are conducted under the basic principles and standards of the 2 CFR 215 (OMB A-110), 2 CFR 200 (applicable December 26, 2014) and the terms and conditions of the National Science Foundation Cooperative Agreement. National Ecological Observatory Network, Inc. d/b/a Battelle Ecology, Inc. conducts its procurements under full and open competition and is required to comply with applicable laws and regulations. Battelle Ecology, Inc. may be required to submit to the National Science Foundation, any procurement action as required or requested by NSF.

Nonprofit Tax Exempt Organization

National Ecological Observatory Network, Inc. d/b/a Battelle Ecology, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 tax exempt, nonprofit organization and applied for tax exempt status with following individual jurisdictions:

Certificates of Tax Exemption by State Non-Exempt Locations States Without Sales Tax
Colorado Alabama Alaska
Colorado, City of Boulder Arizona Montana
Washington, D.C. California New Hampshire
Florida Georgia Oregon
Indiana Kansas  
Massachusetts North Dakota  
Michigan Oklahoma  
Tennessee Puerto Rico  
Texas Utah  
Virginia Washington  

Battelle Ecology, Inc. has filed with the IRS, A tax “Return of an Organization Exempt from Income Tax” and has posted this return publicly below:

Battelle Ecology, Inc. has completed an IRS Form W-9 claiming and is posted below:


Battelle Ecology, Inc. has partnered with Rocky Mountain Bid System and posts opportunities for quotes to this site. As a potential supplier, you can register with the Rocky Mountain Bid System and have visibility to available bids and opportunities from NEON Project and other participating members. By selecting "automatic bid notification, your company may receive a quote or bid notification, if Battelle Ecology, Inc. in its sole discretion and determination has a procurement opportunity that matches your company's business profile and assessed qualification.

Suppliers may be asked to complete an IRS form W-9 in order to be included in the Battelle Ecology, Inc. Supplier List.  The form can be downloaded below:

The following forms may also be requested as part of Supplier setup or as part of a formal solicitation:

Request for Participation

If you would like to be included in NEON Project’s potential Supplier List, please send an email to the Procurement Department. The subject line should read: “Please include {your company name} on NEON Project’s list of potential vendors.” You can provide more detail in the body of the email and include attachments.

Standard Terms and Conditions

Battelle Ecology, Inc. provides the following terms and conditions for standard purchase orders. Acceptance of the following Standard Terms and Conditions shall not be waived unless specifically determined in writing and expessed agreement of the parties.

Standard of Quality

Battelle Ecology, Inc. may require its supplier or some procurements to adhere to the following standards for quality as contained in the Supplier Quality Management Handbook and provide a self-assessment of its quality processes and standards by completing the form below. For the Supplier Quality System Assessment, please fill out the form using Adobe Reader XI or latest version, save the file electronically and email the form back to Supplier Tech Support

To request native files of the supplier quality documents, please send an email to Supplier Tech Support.

Cooperative Purchasing Associations

Under a Cooperative Agreement with the State of Colorado, Battelle Ecology, Inc. is a 501(c)3 under Colorado Revised Statutes is eligible to participate in the State of Colorado contracts and place orders under current contracts established by the State of Colorado. 

In addition, Battelle Ecology, Inc. is a participating member of the following cooperative purchasing associations: 

Battelle Ecology, Inc. Membership in Cooperative Purchasing Associations

These associations provide fully vetted contracts for indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contracts that Battelle Ecology, Inc., as a member of each, is eligible to order.

Supplier Questions

Additional information regarding NEON Project Procurement & Contracts can be sought by sending inquiries to to the Procurement Department.  

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