Letters of Support

To submit a request for a letter of support, please contact The NEON project and include the following:

  • Information on the NEON resources the proposal would like to use:
    • the digital data and/or other resources you are seeking to use, and from which NEON site(s); and
    • when you need those resources (and/or for physical and biological samples, for how long you need them).
  • Information on your project:
    • Funding agency (e.g., NSF, NASA)
    • Program (e.g., CAREER, EAGER, etc.)
    • Proposal title
    • Principal Investigator’s name
    • Principal Investigator’s affiliation
  • Deadline you need the Letter of Support by (please submit requests at least two weeks prior to deadline).

Some research programs have a standard letter or memo templates that PIs are required to follow; we may be able to sign these.  Please include the template with your request.

Letters of support may also be requested for non-NEON-related activities – e.g., Battelle staff participation in research or education projects that do not involve NEON project resources.

PLEASE NOTE: The NEON project cannot provide letters of support for proposals that would affect the current operations scope or NEON project capabilities.

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