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8th Annual Flux Course

July 21 - August 01, 2015

The course will be offered to 24 graduate students, post-docs and early career scientists. The 8th annual flux course will take place the University of Colorado Mountain Research Station from the 21st of July through the 1st of August this summer. Topics will include: flux measurements at the leaf & soil level; modeling leaf CO2 and H2O fluxes; eddy covariance measurements; predictions of fluxes from satellite observations; canopy flux models; assimilation of flux observations and satellite remote sensing data into ecosystem process models; and Bayesian approaches to modeling.

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NCAR CISL Environmental Data Analytics Graduate Workshop

July 27 - 31, 2015

Hosted by the National Center for Atmospheric Research, Computational & Information Systems Lab, the 2015 Graduate Workshop on Environmental Data Analytics will be held in Boulder, CO between July 27-31.

This workshop series is designed to help prepare the next generation of researchers and practitioners to work within, and contribute to, the data-rich era. Each workshop will bring together graduate students and senior scientists in environmental statistics and related fields to explore contemporary topics in applied environmental data modeling.

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ICOS-NEON Greenhouse Gas Data Training Workshop

June 02 - 12, 2015

This 10-day ICOS-NEON greenhouse gas data training workshop will train early career scientists (including advanced PhD students, postdocs, and Junior Faculty) in the discovery and use of in-situ data to address emerging issues in carbon cycle science including atmospheric science, biogeochemistry and ecosystem science. World-class scientists will provide hands-on instruction in the use of ‘big data' from the ICOS and NEON observatories while discussing the frontier of carbon science and promoting the discovery of new research opportunities. 

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Building Global Ecological Understanding Workshop

June 03 - 05, 2015

As a member of the organizing committee, Hank Loescher of the National Ecological Observatory Network is several session at the community-driven Builidng Global Ecological Understanding (BGEU) Workshop in Delaware between June 3-5. Learn more about the agenda, organizing commitee and participants here

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Project BudBurst Spring Campaign

April 20 - May 31, 2015
Project BudBurst engages people from across U.S. in the collection of plant phenology data--the timing of leafing, flowering and fruiting.  By monitoring plants and noting the different stages in plant life cycles, such as when the first buds appear, when the first flowers bloom, and when leaves drop in the fall, citizen scientists play an important role in helping researchers determine how seasonal patterns are changing and potentially inform future environmental decisions and education.
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