NSF NEON Workshop: Mapping Species, Composition (foliar chemistry) and Soil Properties with Spectroscopy

When: August 29, 2016 - August 31, 2016
Location: United States

This workshop is part of a series of NSF/NEON supported training on the use of datasets from the NEON Airborne Observing Platform to enable new discoveries in the biophysical research community.

It will be a free 3-day course taught by remote sensing experts and will consist of lectures and labs on imaging spectroscopy (AKA hyperspectral) theory, pre-processing, spectral mixture analysis, and multivariate techniques to derive foliar chemistry. The course will utilize NEON data and attendees will have the opportunity to bring their own datasets for analysis. 

Registration has closed for this event, however the event hosts plan on making their materials available online.

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