AmeriFlux Annual PI Meeting

When: October 22, 2018 - October 25, 2018
Location: Bloomington, IN

AmeriFlux Meetings and Workshops

AmeriFlux Data-Tech Workshop participants hike down from the tour of the Niwot Ridge flux towers. Colorado fall colors! September 21, 2016

With DOE, we co-sponsor annual AmeriFlux Principal Investigators Meetings, where all members of the AmeriFlux community are welcome. We also organize annual AmeriFlux Data and Tech Workshops, where attendees can get practical advice and hands-on training. As the community requests, we hold workshops on special topics.


AmeriFlux Decadal Synthesis Workshop

Berkeley Lab—August 23-24, 2018
Chair Trevor Keenan; Co-Chairs Dave Moore and Ankur Desai.

Registration is now closed. If you have questions, contact Trevor Keenan.

This workshop will focus on decadal synthesis, combined with the integration of flux measurements with other data sources (remote sensing, inventories, tree rings, phenology, etc.). We will also explore priorities for future eddy-covariance research, and outline a general synthesis of advances over the past decade. We envisage that this workshop will provide opportunities for new synthesis groups to form and grow. Time for these discussions will be set aside.

AmeriFlux Data and Tech Workshop

Bloomington IN—October 22-23, 2018
Organizers Deb Agarwal (Data) and Sébastien Biraud (Tech)

  • Register for both Data and Tech Workshop and AmeriFlux PI Meeting
  • Register for ONLY AmeriFlux Data and Tech Workshop
  • Workshop registration deadline: October 2, 2018
  • Registration is Free!

The 2018 AmeriFlux Data-Tech Workshop will take place just before the 2018 AmeriFlux PI Meeting, both in Bloomington, Indiana. Lodging will be in the same hotels.   

AmeriFlux US-MMS flux tower     

AmeriFlux Annual PI Meeting—

Monroe Convention Center, 302 S College Avenue, Bloomington IN—October 24-25, 2018

  • Register for AmeriFlux PI Meeting

This year Kim Novick, Indiana University, is acting as the local host for our PI Meeting. Other organizing committee members are: Margaret Torn, Susan Sprinkle (logistics), Trevor Keenan, Russ Scott, Housen Chu. If you have questions or suggestions for the PI Meeting organizers, please contact Margaret, Russ and/or Kim. Note: The 2018 AmeriFlux Data and Tech Workshop takes place October 22-23, just before the Annual PI Meeting, in Bloomington IN area. Same lodging.

The AmeriFlux PI Meeting agenda and speakers will be published in early September.

Registration for meeting: $150.00


  • September 1: Submit abstracts for talks (and register)
  • September 1: Apply for student travel fellowships (see below)
  • October 2: Register to attend
  • October 2: Reserve lodging

Lodging: Two hotel options—(1) Primary: Marriott Courtyard Bloomington, 310 S. College Avenue, Bloomington IN; (2) Overflow: Hyatt Place Bloomington, 217 West Kirkwood Avenue, Bloomington IN, tel: +1 (812) 339-5950. When you register, you can book lodging at the same time and get block rates. You can stay in the same lodging if you are attending the AmeriFlux Data and Tech Workshop.

AmeriFlux student travel fellowships (for either or both Data-Tech Workshop or the Annual PI Meeting): We are fortunate this year that the AmeriFlux Management Project can offer two $500 student fellowships to reduce their travel costs. Decision will be made quickly, so successful applicants can make arrangements. To apply for one of these fellowships, please email Trevor Keenan (—(1) Explain briefly how you would benefit from attending the AmeriFlux PI Meeting (and the AmeriFlux Data-Tech Workshop, if you want to attend that as well); (2) Explain briefly why you need financial assistance. DEADLINE: Saturday, September 1, 2018.



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