Natalie Robinson

Staff Scientist


Contact Info

1685 38th Street
Suite 100
Boulder, CO 80301
United States

About Natalie

Natalie received her B.S. in molecular environmental biology at the University of California, Berkeley, and completed both master's and PhD programs in ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She is broadly interested in the spatial ecology of species' interactions with their environments, and in using the computational tools that are now available to analyze the causes of ecological patterns in nature. This interest has led to everything from work on the compilation of a global-scale digital elevation model, a spatial dataset which will be useful for ecologists seeking to understand such phenomena as global species distributions and range shifts in the face of climate and land-use change, to modeling the causes of diversity patterns in highly urbanized landscapes. In particular, Natalie's doctoral work focused on using ecological models to identify the drivers of butterfly distribution patterns in fragmented landscapes, and on assessing similarities and differences in these drivers among different ecosystems around the globe.

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