Brandon Jensen

Researcher, Aquatic Ecology


Contact Info

1685 38th Street
Suite 100
Boulder, CO 80301
United States

About Brandon

Brandon Jensen earned his B.S in Biology from the University of Puget Sound and his M.S. in Environmental Science through the Marine and Estuarine Science Program at Western Washington University. His thesis centered on identifying the critical oceanic forces and limiting factors that govern primary production in semi-enclosed fjords of the San Juan Archipelago (Orcas Island, WA). He has collected and analyzed a wide array of environmental data with a variety of instruments and observation methods across the US, Alaska, and Puerto Rico in aquatic and marine environments. Brandon’s fundamental training as an ecologist adds to the breadth of his knowledge of aquatic and oceanic systems. His approach to monitoring physical, chemical, and biological attributes of these systems is to understand how spatial, temporal, and anthropogenic changes influence the delicate biological components of ecosystems from a top down and bottom up perspective. 

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