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Dr. Bartuska of the USDA on the importance of long-term ecological datasets

March 05 2015
Dr. Ann Bartuska , Deputy Under Secretary for Research, Education & Economics of the USDA, highlights the importance of long-term ecological datasets and federal science investment in research infrastructure in the journal Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment .
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From the field: winter 2015 aquatic sampling

March 10 2015
D09 field technicians collect lake water samples year-round; D02 field technicians dig through several inches of ice and snow to access the stream at the Posey Creek. Learn more about winter sampling in the field.
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NEON data quantifies topographic change caused by 2013 Boulder flood

March 11 2015
In September 2013, Boulder, CO experienced a seven day storm event and unprecedented rainfall. NEON data collected before and after the flood quanitfy topographic change caused by the storm.
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AOP crew takes flight with new LiDAR system

March 17 2015
The latest addition to NEON's Airborne Observation Platform is a Twin Otter airplane, retrofitted with a new full waveform and discrete LiDAR system.
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Citizen Science is a big winner at White House Science Fair

March 30 2015
At the fifth-annual White House Science Fair last week, citizen science was recognized as a powerful mechanism to enable new scientific discoveries and empower students to do science.
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NSF announces Dear Colleague Letter for research using NEON data

April 08 2015
The NSF Directorate for Biological Sciences is currently considering requests for funding to support conferences and research that leverage NEON data.
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Work with data series: NEON and Data Carpentry collaborate to support open science skill-building

April 09 2015
Learn more about open science and NEON's collaboration with Data Carpentry to develop resources and facilitate workshops that support open science skill-building.
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NEON releases first protocols

April 13 2015
The first release includes 11 terrestrial protocols as well as our terrestrial science designs. This release of protocols is the first in a series to be shared over the next several months.
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2015 NEON Science Capability Assessment: A focus on near-term research opportunities

April 17 2015
The SCA report represents an effort to assess the research and science opportunities enabled by NEON data and resources.
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