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One fish, two fish, learn how NEON samples fish

April 04 2017
You won’t find any fishing line, hooks or bobbers in NEON’s aquatic technician field gear. Instead, groups of 3-4 technicians utilize a technique called electrofishing to catch fish and collect data related to fish diversity and populations.
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The Catch: NEON Goes Fishing

February 16 2017
Why sample fish? Not only do fish play a major role in our recreation and food industries, but they are a key part of freshwater aquatic ecosystems. Learn how NEON is collecting fish diversity and population data so researchers can gain a complete picture of the food chain in aquatic ecosystems across the United States.
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Neon the sled puppy: how a washed out road led to a new friendship

May 26 2015
Tasked with initiating construction at the Delta Junction site in Alaska and confronted with a washed-out road en route, Frank needed to find an alternate way to access the field site.
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Testing muddy waters: protocol performance in Alabama wetlands

April 30 2015
NEON systems engineering staff visit the Maycreek, AL site in the Ozarks Complex (Domain 8) to perform acceptance testing of the Aquatic Observation System (AOS) field protocols.
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From the field: winter 2015 aquatic sampling

March 10 2015
D09 field technicians collect lake water samples year-round; D02 field technicians dig through several inches of ice and snow to access the stream at the Posey Creek. Learn more about winter sampling in the field.
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Spring Training in Florida

May 21 2014
By Liz Knapp I recently returned from a week of training in Florida. No, not for baseball, but for Big Data. More specifically, how to collect samples for NEON’s Terrestrial Observation System. You...
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From field notebooks to rack servers

November 15 2013
Let me begin by saying I'm a believer in big data in ecology, and there's no more exciting place to be working right now on these problems than here at NEON. But after just a few short weeks here, I'...
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Underground biomass: Getting to the root of it

October 29 2013
By Jen Everhart and Julia Spencer Adorned with sweet, bright, orange safety vests and serious hardhats--excavation tools in hand--Jen Everhart, Julia Spencer and I are ready for sampling. Our mission...
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A field day for interns

July 17 2013
After spending about a month of our summer in cubicles, it was time for a field trip... literally. Sprawling cattle fields marked the landscape where I and the other NEON interns took a daytrip out...
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