Working With Raster Time Series Data in R

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Table of Contents

The tutorials in this series cover how to open, work with and plot raster time series data in R. This series includes only the more-advanced, time-series specific tutorials that are also part of the Introduction to Working With Raster Data in R series.

Data used in this series cover NEON Harvard Forest and San Joaquin Experimental Range field sites and are in GeoTIFF and .csv formats.

Series Objectives

After completing the series you will:

  • Raster 05
    • Understand the format of a time series raster dataset.
    • Know how to work with time series rasters.
    • Be able to efficiently import a set of rasters stored in a single directory.
    • Be able to plot and explore time series raster data using the plot() function in R.
  • Raster 06
    • Be able to assign custom names to bands in a RasterStack for prettier plotting.
    • Understand advanced plotting of rasters using the rasterVis package and levelplot.
  • Raster 07
    • Be able to extract summary pixel values from a raster.
    • Know how to save summary values to a .csv file.
    • Be able to plot summary pixel values using ggplot().
    • Have experience comparing NDVI values between two different sites.

Things You’ll Need To Complete This Series

Setup RStudio

To complete the tutorial series you will need an updated version of R and, preferably, RStudio installed on your computer.

R is a programming language that specializes in statistical computing. It is a powerful tool for exploratory data analysis. To interact with R, we strongly recommend RStudio, an interactive development environment (IDE).

Install R Packages

You can chose to install packages with each lesson or you can download all of the necessary R Packages now.

  • raster: install.packages("raster")
  • rgdal: install.packages("rgdal")
  • rasterVis: install.packages("rasterVis")
  • ggplot2: install.packages("ggplot2")

More on Packages in R – Adapted from Software Carpentry.

Working with Raster Time Series Data in R Tutorial Series: This tutorial is part of a series on working with raster data in R. It is part also of a Data Carpentry workshop
on using spatio-temporal in R. Other related series include: intro to spatio-temporal data and data management, working with vector data in R, and working with tabular time series data in R.

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