2017 Science, Technology & Education Advisory Committee (STEAC)

The role of the STEAC is to provide community-driven advice to the NEON Chief Scientist and Principal Investigator(s) on: (i) the direction and vision of the Observatory, which includes how the Observatory and other relevant projects can meet their high-level goals; (ii) how best to position Observatory capabilities to address frontier science and science strategy, which can include reviews, new data products, initiatives, collaborations, relations with other Observatories, research infrastructures, and Research and Synthesis Centers; (iii) how best to align observatory efforts with other Federal investments, (iv) how Operations and logistics can address the science requirements, and (v) educational objectives and programs.

Co-chairs: Serita Frey and Eve-Lyn Hinckley.

STEAC Documents


Name Affiliation
Ankur Desai University of Wisconsin
Anne Giblin Marine Biological Lab Ecosystem Center
David Breshears University of Arizona
Eve-Lyn Hinckley University of Colorado, CZO
Jayne Belnap U.S. Geological Service
Jeff Dukes Purdue University
Jon Chorover University of Arizona
Kim Nitschke Los Alamos National Laboratory
Laurel Anderson Ohio Wesleyan University
Lilian Alessa University of Idaho, University of Alaska
Nirav Merchant University of Arizona
Peter Groffman Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies
Robert Guralnick University of Florida
Scott Collins University of New Mexico
Serita Frey University of New Hampshire
Susan Ustin University of California – Davis
Teresa Mourad Ecological Society of America
Tilden Meyers NOAA Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division (ATDD)
Todd Dawson University of California at Berkeley
Travis Huxman University of California - Irvine
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