Estimating the storage term in eddy covariance measurements: the ICOS methodology

Publication Type: Journal Article

Authors: Leonardo Montagnani, Thomas ünwald, Andrew Kowalski, Ivan Mammarella, Lutz Merbold, Stefan Metzger, Pavel ák, Lukas Siebicke

Source: International Agrophysics, Volume 32 p.551 - 567 (2018)



<p>In eddy covariance measurements, the storage flux represents the variation in time of the dry molar fraction of a given gas in the control volume representative of turbulent flux. Depending on the time scale considered, and on the height above ground of the measurements, it can either be a major component of the overall net ecosystem exchange or nearly negligible. Instrumental configuration and computational procedures must be optimized to measure this change at the time step used for the turbulent flux measurement. Three different configurations are suitable within the Integrated Carbon Observation System infrastructure for the storage flux determination: separate sampling, subsequent sampling and mixed sampling. These configurations have their own advantages and disadvantages, and must be carefully selected based on the specific features of the considered station. In this paper, guidelines about number and distribution of vertical and horizontal sampling points are given. Details about suitable instruments, sampling devices, and computational procedures for the quantification of the storage flux of different GHG gases are also provided. © 2018 Leonardo Montagnani et al., published by Sciendo 2018.</p>

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