Doing Research at NEON Sites

NEON field sites are hosted by a variety of institutions, government agencies and private land owners. Many of our field sites are open to additional research activities however, researchers will need to obtain required access and use permits from the site host. Please note that each field site's webpage includes information about whether the site host for that particular field site is open to additional research activities.

Please review the following coordination guidelines:

NEON Site Research Coordination Guidelines

Read these guidelines if you are interested in learning more about how to coordinate research activities near NEON sampling locations. If you are interested in conducting research activities on NEON field sampling locations, please review the process for requesting assignable assets.


How we can help

To assist you in conducting research studies that leverage NEON infrastructure, including research conducted at one or more NEON sites, we can:

  • Assist in evaluating the potential impacts of proposed activities on NEON measurements and observations
  • Assist with site host coordination and location of field sampling on site
  • Help you find additional information about a field site, permitting or other questions.

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