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NEON provides free and open-access automated instrument, observational and remote sensing data. The automated instrument and observational data are available to browse and download via the NEON Data Portal . NEON also provides a free and open-access data API to access data programmatically. Please note that NEON is still under construction, therefore data availability are limited at this time and of provisional quality.

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Specimens and Samples

NEON also collects specimens and samples that complement automated measurements and observations on the ground. The vast majority of specimens and samples collected by NEON will be held at external facilities that will curate and administer loans of NEON samples and specimens. NEON is currently in the process of identifying these facilities.

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The Soil Archive

This collection of soil samples was taken from soil pits at NEON field sites. Archived soil samples serve as a reference of physical and chemical soil conditions at the time of NEON site construction. 

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Learn more about NEON's standard suite of data that are collected at field sites to characterize soil, water, organisms and atmosphere.

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