2016 Camera Metadata

A digital camera mounted into the Airborne Observation Platform (AOP) records 10 cm resolution RGB photographs of the Earth's surface during a survey of a field site. These data are available as orthorectified images upon request. The ortho-photos for each field site survey are also processed into a mosaic at 10 cm resolution and then tiled into 1 km x 1 km images which are also available upon request.

The downloadable kmz files listed on this page may be used as visual index to help data users explore the ortho-photos they may want to use from a given survey. You can request the corresponding high resolution camera, lidar and hyperspectral data for each field site via our online request form. Please note that the list on this page includes only a subset of 2016 surveys. The full list of remote sensing data currently available is located here.

Each kmz includes a 5 m resolution  mosaic of the flight area, as well as outlines and image IDs for each ortho-photo. To explore these files, they must be downloaded and loaded into Google Earth. These images are also useful for understanding the extent of a flight area and its landscape features.

Examples of the types of information a user will see when they load a camera data kmz of a NEON field site survey into Google Earth Pro.

Download a file from the list on the right sidebar of this page to explore a specific field site in Google Earth. To see the images, make sure you have turned on the option "5 meter Browse Image" within the Google sidebar.

Download User guide for locating camera images