TM-003: The 2011 NEON Airborne Pathfinder Campaign at the D17 Sites in California

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NEON Technical Memorandum Series, NEON, Number TM-003, Boulder (2012)

The National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) conducted a series of airborne flights and supporting ground measurements at the three NEON sites located in NEON Domain 17 (Pacific Southwest). These sites extend over diverse ecological regions and elevational gradient ranging from open woodland at 200 to 520 m elevation dominated by oaks (blue and interior live oaks) and digger pine in the San Joaquin Experiment Range (NEON core site) to mixed conifer/deciduous forest at 1100 m elevation at Soaproot Saddle relocatable site, and red fir dominated forest at elevations above 2,300 at the Upper Teakettle relocatable site. This campaign took place during September 2011. The primary objectives of the combined airborne and field campaign were to prototype data collection approaches, evaluate data processing techniques, and obtain an initial data set that could support future spatial/temporal scaling studies potentially in conjunction with the NASA HyspIRI Preparatory Airborne Activities. The NASA AVIRIS-classic instrument provided the remote sensing measurements for this campaign since the NEON instrumentation slated for deployment on the AOP remote sensing payloads were not yet available. For this campaign, only airborne imaging spectrometer measurements were obtained. Supporting ground measurements that includedvegetation spectra, plant species identification and key atmospheric variables measurements were made. 

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