TM-002: The NEON 2010 Airborne Pathfinder Campaign in Florida

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NEON Technical Memorandum Series, NEON, Number TM-002, Boulder (2012)

The National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) conducted a series of airborne flights and supporting ground measurements in two study areas located near Gainesville, Florida in August and September 2010. The primary objectives of the combined airborne and field campaign were to prototype data collection approaches and to evaluate data processing techniques planned for use in the processing of future NEON airborne remote sensing data. Since the instrumentation slated for deployment on the eventual AOP remote sensing payloads were not yet available, airborne spectroscopic and LiDAR measurements were made during this campaign using existing systems that exhibit similar performance characteristics as the instrumentation under development. Supporting ground measurements of vegetation spectra and structure, plant species identification and key atmospheric variables measurements were made. Ground-based leaf area index (LAI) measurements were made along several 500-meter transects located within the notional airshed of the planned NEON flux tower location in OSBS. Leaf area measurement were also made along six transects in the Donaldson tract. In OSBS, detailed structure measurements were made in a 20x120 meter area along one of the transects. These included measurements of tree height, height to first branch, canopy diameter, stem diameter, and species identification. Plant diversity data were collected in a number of plots dispersed throughout OSBS.

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