Airborne Sampling Design Technical Working Group

The Airborne Sampling Design Technical Working Group provides expert input and advice regarding the NEON airborne remote sensing flight sampling design and campaign scheduling to optimize the ability to collect remote sensing data across the NEON sites in conjunction with scheduled NEON field protocols.

If you have questions or comments for this working group, please contact John Musinsky.

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NEON Lead: John Musinsky

Member Name Affiliation
Aditya Singh University of Florida, Gainesville
Andrew Fricker University of California - Riverside
Bruce Cook NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Dana Chadwick Stanford University / Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Eben Broadbent University of Florida
Gregory Okin UCLA
Jan van Aardt Rochester Institute of Technology
Kyla Dahlin Michigan State University
Philip Brodrick Carnegie Institution for Science
Philip Townsend University of Wisconsin-Madison
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