Working Group

Remote Sensing Algorithm Design TWG

The Remote Sensing
Algorithm Design TWG discusses updates to existing AOP data products to improve
data product quality or processing efficiency,  as well as new AOP data
products that would support the overarching goals of NEON

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Current Membership

Name Affiliation Role
Amy Neuenschwander University of Texas Austin Member
Crystal Schaaf University of Massachusetts Boston Member
Feng Zhao University of Maryland Member
Jan van Aardt Rochester Institute of Technology Member
Joe McGlinchy University of Colorado Boulder Member
Kyla Dahlin Michigan State University Member
Roberto Guttierez University of Texas Austin Member
Rupesh Shrestha Oak Ridge National Laboratory Member
Sorin Popescu Texas A&M University Chair
Tyson Swetnam CyVerse Member
Tristan Goulden NEON Co-lead
Jeff Atkins USDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station Member
William Hargrove USDA Forest Service Member
Petya Campbell University of Maryland Baltimore County; NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Member
Rui Cheng MIT Member
Hamid Dashti University of Wisconsin-Madison Member
Shashi Konduri NEON Lead
Samantha Weintraub-Leff NEON Member
Bridget Hass NEON Member
John Adler NEON Member
Keith Krause NEON Member