Working Group

Community Engagement TWG

The Community Engagement Technical Working Group (TWG) provides guidance on the ways in which NEON engages with its existing and potential user community. This includes scientists, educators, and students as well as organizations, agencies, institutions, and companies whose activities align with the mission and goals of the NEON program. Members serve as liaisons to the NEON user community while providing input on the program’s strategic engagement plan and the activities and outcomes identified in that plan. Members are currently divided into two working subgroups focused on (1) broadening awareness/participation and (2) building data science skills for NEON users.

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Current Membership

Name Affiliation Role
Marie Faust Battelle Co-lead
Ben Vierra Battelle Member
Katie Matthiesen Battelle Member
Matthew Aiello-Lammens Pace University Member
Sam Donovan Bioquest Member
Miguel Fernandez NatureServe Member
Jason McDermott Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Member
Kaitlin Stack Whitney Rochester Institute of Technology Member
Ethell Vereen Morehouse College Member