Document Your Code with R Markdown

Table of Contents

This series teaches you to use the R Markdown file format to document code and efficiently publish code results & outputs.

Series Objectives

After completing the series, you will be able to:

  • Document & Publish Your Workflow: R Markdown & knitr

    • Explain why documenting and publishing one's code is important.
    • Describe two tools that enable ease of publishing code & output: R Markdown and the knitr package.
  • Document Code with R Markdown

    • Know how to create an R Markdown file in RStudio.
    • Be able to write a script with text and R code chunks.
    • Create an R Markdown document ready to be ‘knit’ into an HTML document to share your code and results.
  • Publish Code - From R Markdown to HTML with knitr

    • Be able to produce (‘knit’) an HTML file from a R Markdown file.
    • Know how to modify chuck options to change the output in your HTML file.

Things You’ll Need To Complete This Series

You will need R and RStudio installed on your computer. Installation instructions are here.

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