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Roberti, J. A., SanClements, M. D., Loescher, H. W. & Ayres, E. Traceable Calibration, Performance Metrics, and Uncertainty Estimates of Minirhizotron Digital Imagery for Fine-Root Measurements. PLoS ONE 9, e112362 (2014).
Csavina, J., Roberti, J. A., Taylor, J. R. & Loescher, H. W. Traceable measurements and calibration: a primer on uncertainty analysis. Ecosphere 8, e01683 (2017).
Cook, J. A. et al. Transformational Principles for NEON Sampling of Mammalian Parasites and Pathogens: A Response to Springer and Colleagues. BioScience 66, 917 - 919 (2016).
Xu, K., Metzger, S. & Desai, A. R. Upscaling tower-observed turbulent exchange at fine spatio-temporal resolution using environmental response functions. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 232, 10 - 22 (2017).
Knox, S. Helen et al. Using digital camera and Landsat imagery with eddy covariance data to model gross primary production in restored wetlands. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 237-238, 233 - 245 (2017).
Brown, T. B. et al. Using phenocams to monitor our changing Earth: toward a global phenocam network. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 14, 84 - 93 (2016).
Vaughan, A. R. et al. VOC emission rates over London and South East England obtained by airborne eddy covariance. Faraday Discuss. 200, 599 - 620 (2017).
Crall, A. et al. Volunteer recruitment and retention in online citizen science projects using marketing strategies: lessons from Season Spotter. Journal of Science Communication 16 (01), (2017).
Dietze, M. C. et al. Iterative ecological forecasting: Needs, opportunities, and challenges. (2017). doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.4715317
Kampe, T., Krause, K., Meier, C., Barnett, D. & McCorkel, J. TM-002: The NEON 2010 Airborne Pathfinder Campaign in Florida. NEON Technical Memorandum Series (NEON, 2012).PDF icon TM-002.pdf (4.93 MB)
Kampe, T., Krause, K., Penniman, E. & Johnson, M. TM-003: The 2011 NEON Airborne Pathfinder Campaign at the D17 Sites in California. NEON Technical Memorandum Series (NEON, 2012).PDF icon TM-003.pdf (3.09 MB)
Kampe, T. & Berukoff, S. TM-004: Summary Report: Spatial and Temporal Scaling in Continental-Scale Ecology Workshop, 11-12 June 2012, Boulder, CO USA. NEON Technical Memorandum Series (NEON, 2012).PDF icon TM-004.pdf (271.11 KB)
Kampe, T. et al. TM-005: The NEON 2013 Airborne Campaign at Domain 17 Terrestrial and Aquatic Sites in California. NEON Technical Memorandum Series (NEON, 2013).PDF icon TM-005.pdf (8.56 MB)
Goulden, T. & Kampe, T. U. TM-006: NEON AOP Surveys of City of Boulder Pre and Post 2013 Flood Event. NEON Technical Memorandum Series (NEON, 2015).PDF icon NEON_Technical_Memo_006a_BLDR Flood_Pre_Post_Assessment.pdf (1.82 MB)
Gallery, W. TM-007 User guide for locating NEON camera images. NEON Technical Memorandum Series (NEON, 2016).PDF icon TM007-UserGuide_for_locating_NEON_Camera_Images.pdf (15.85 MB)


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