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Eyes in the Field, Boots on the Ground

October 24 2011
By Sandra Henderson Wildflowers, bats, and live music are just some of the pleasant things I associate with Austin, Texas. However, after recently participating in the first ever SXSW Eco conference...
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Joint European-U.S. Observatory Planning Continues at NEON

October 02 2013
The second annual COOPEUS (COOPeration EU and U.S.) strategic planning meeting was held at NEON last week in order to continue the development of joint harmonization and interoperability between...
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Behind the push for NEON

July 28 2011
Climate is changing rapidly and rates of climate change may well be more rapid than ecological systems can respond. This year’s 30-year climate normals (1981-2010) are 0.5 o warmer than the 1971-2000...
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A couple of research reviews

June 22 2011
While our ability to describe and predict environmental change has come a long way in the past 30 years, there’s still much to learn and discuss. Scientists such as climate experts and ecologists are...
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Core Sites Selected for the National Ecological Observatory Network

January 28 2011
February 28, 2007 An initial group of 20 candidate core sites across the United States has been selected. A technical review committee of NEON senior staff and colleagues from the ecological research...
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Boots on the ground for NEON Member Institution Representatives

October 23 2014
NEON Member Institution representatives learned about NEON data collection first-hand this week during a visit the Central Plains Experimental Range (CPER), the Domain 10 core site. This site tour was part of the 2014 NEON Membership Meeting, held October 21-22 in Boulder, CO at NEON Headquarters.
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Presidents of the Ecological Society of America share their thoughts on the potential of NEON

September 04 2015
In mid-August, during the Ecological Society of America’s (ESA) centennial annual meeting, 16 past and present ESA presidents gathered to talk about NEON's value to the ecological community.
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Grapes, Vines and Towers: A Look at the Engineering Behind a NEON Site

September 09 2010
If you view the elements of a NEON site in isolation, they’re pretty simple. NEON’s plans to build its 62 sites don’t call for brand new inventions or earth shattering designs; they’ll utilize...
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Looking to climate science for ways to deal with data overload

November 04 2011
Large science conferences are usually a science smorgasbord for a knowledge junkie like myself. But I showed up at the World Climate Research Program Open Science Meeting in Denver with a time limit...
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