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On Dogs, Fleas, and Continental Scale

August 24 2011
By Jeff Taylor It’s been about 3 months since I started working in the Fundamental Instrument Group at NEON and it’s been a mix of exciting new science, hard work, and lots of new friends. I’ve...
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Citizen Science is a big winner at White House Science Fair

March 30 2015
At the fifth-annual White House Science Fair last week, citizen science was recognized as a powerful mechanism to enable new scientific discoveries and empower students to do science.
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Got spatio-temporal data skillz? Join NEON’s data skills hackathon

June 12 2015
NEON is hosting a 3-day lesson-building hackathon to develop a suite of NEON/Data Carpentry data tutorials and corresponding assessment instruments. Apply by Aug 17, 2015 to attend.
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When ecosystem engineers throw a wrench in your gears

November 10 2011
Imagine the scene: a sunny spring day on the plains of eastern Colorado, grasses gently swaying in the breeze, and a clear, gurgling stream winding its way across the landscape. Standing on the...
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Boots on the ground for NEON Member Institution Representatives

October 23 2014
NEON Member Institution representatives learned about NEON data collection first-hand this week during a visit the Central Plains Experimental Range (CPER), the Domain 10 core site. This site tour was part of the 2014 NEON Membership Meeting, held October 21-22 in Boulder, CO at NEON Headquarters.
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Finding of No Significant Impact on NEON Environmental Assessment

December 15 2009
In Fall 2009 NSF prepared an Environmental Assessment (EA) that evaluated the potential environmental and socioeconomic impacts associated with construction and operation of NEON, and invited public...
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In choosing taxa for the continental scale

June 16 2010
Over my past two and a half years at NEON, there is one question that I have been asked more than any other: Why is NEON not studying *--insert taxon of interest--*? I think an easier way to address...
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More terrestrial and aquatic observational protocols now available

April 27 2015
Nine new terrestrial and aquatic operations protocols and science designs are now available on the NEON data portal.
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Eyes in the Field, Boots on the Ground

October 24 2011
By Sandra Henderson Wildflowers, bats, and live music are just some of the pleasant things I associate with Austin, Texas. However, after recently participating in the first ever SXSW Eco conference...
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