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NEON infrastructure now available for research

October 28 2016
Did you know that in addition to free data, NEON also provides access to its infrastructure for research? Announcing the Assignable Assets program.
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API and data availability viewer now live on the NEON data portal

October 20 2016
In response to suggestions from the scientific community, we’ve expedited the production of some new features to the data portal to help you better navigate the data NEON provides! Test out our newly launched prototype Application Programming Interface (API) as well as the compact view data availability page.
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Ameriflux PI meeting: an opportunity for collaboration and engagement

October 11 2016
Five Battelle scientists, Stefan Metzger, Cove Sturtevant, Hongyan Luo, Natchaya Pingintha-Durden and David Durden along with software engineering manager Greg Holling recently attended the annual Ameriflux PI meeting to present on NEON project progress and talk shop.
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Four aquatic sites fully operational with data available

September 29 2016
In recent months, NEON has successfully outfitted four aquatic sites with a complete suite of sensors including in-stream sensors, groundwater well sensors and meteorological sensors. Observational samples are also being collected by field staff, making these four sites the Observatory’s first fully operational aquatic sites.
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Another summer of interns has come and gone

September 27 2016
Earlier this summer, we bid farewell to six dynamic and brilliant undergraduate interns who worked at NEON for eleven weeks on a variety of cross-disciplinary projects that ranged from data...
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NSF announces Early NEON Science awards

September 23 2016
The National Science Foundation (NSF) Directorate for Biological Sciences has awarded $15.9 million for 12 new MacroSystems Biology and Early NEON Science projects.
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Inaugural Data Institute: reproducible remote sensing science using NEON data

September 15 2016
In mid-June, 23 early career scientists from far and wide descended upon NEON headquarters for a week-long Data Institute. The inaugural Institute featured NEON remote sensing data and focused on...
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NSF approves transition to operations of field sampling at 13 more sites

August 04 2016
In early August, the National Science Foundation (NSF) gave its approval to transition observational sampling to operations at 13 terrestrial field sites bringing the total number of terrestrial sites with observational sampling to 27, representing over 50% of planned sites.
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Catch up with the NEON project at #ESA2016!

August 03 2016
This weekend, thousands of scientists will journey to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for the 101 st annual meeting of the Ecological Society of America (#ESA2016) . The theme is“Novel Ecosystems in the Anthropocene,” and the NEON team will be there to talk with scientists about how they plan to use NEON project data in their research and teaching.
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