Barb Kelm

Engineering Technician II, Airborne Remote Sensing Lab


Contact Info

1685 38th St.
Suite 100
United States

About Barb

Barb Kelm supports the technical build, test, and repair of the Airborne Observation Platform (AOP) Payloads.  In this role, she builds the electronic interfaces, analyzes electronic characteristics of those interfaces, and along with AOP Lab Manager builds the Payloads in the AOP Lab at HQ.  She also is on-call during the Flight Campaign to fly out to any domain if and when an issue occurs with the Payload that cannot be repaired by AOP Flight Operations. This occurred in 2016, she was able to resolve the issue, and the aircraft was back in flight within a day.  She has also supported updating of various test software in the AOP Lab, completed Builds of Mercury Lamp Testers, contributed to documentation of BOMs, documentation of builds, documentation of tests, and other documents needed.  Prior to joining NEON/Battelle, Barb was an Electro-Optic Engineer for Ball Aerospace building, running, and documenting numerous tests during different aspects of the builds of the Optical Instrument for various Satellites for Ball Aerospace.  Before that she worked for the Army Research Lab in the Fuze Division, building test systems and maintaining production of fuzes as well as reverse engineering a few.  Her first job out of school was as Product Manager for manufacturing Fiber Optic Transceivers for Maxtek, a subsidiary of Tektronix in Oregon, where she was able to improve the yield on the manufacturing floor by 30% without redesign.  She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland at College Park.

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