Tom Gulbransen

Project Management, Data Products/Cyber Infrastructure

Project Management

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1685 38th St.
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United States

About Tom

Mr. Gulbransen serves as Project Manager for the construction of the cyberinfrastructure and data products being created for Mr. Gulbransen combines his environmental fieldwork with state-of-the-art decision support system expertise to serve as a Senior Analyst for Battelle’s EcoInformatics practice. His recent fieldwork has focused on eutrophication and sediment contamination investigations in regional scale coastal ecosystems, e.g. Jamaica Bay, Great South Bay, and New York Bight. These data intensive, multi-year, inter-disciplinary studies integrated biology, chemistry, and watershed land use for federal, state and municipal clients. In each, data quality objectives were established to guide quantitative sampling designs, or to feed regulatory interpretations. When not conducting fieldwork, Mr. Gulbransen pursues innovation on environmental decision support systems, Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) models, ontology-based semantic search, and conversion of data to visual information and knowledge.

Mr. Gulbransen also serves in a variety of municipal positions. He is Vice-Chair of the U.S. IOOS Federal Advisory Committee. He serves on Suffolk County, NY’s Council of Environmental Quality which oversees State Environmental Quality Review Act compliance, such as public health protection, land use planning, stormwater management, pesticide applications and regional development. He is active as an interior firefighter, EMT-B, and Technical Rescue technician. 

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