Ivana Vu

Technician, Airborne Sensor Operations (Remote Sensing)


Contact Info

3330 Airport Road
NEON Hangar
Boulder, CO 80301
United States

About Ivana

Ivana has a broad interest in both technology and environmental sciences and she enjoys tinkering with instrumentation ranging from avionics to underwater mass spectrometers. She has a BS in Biology from the University of North Carolina and worked as a scientific diver for its Department of Marine Sciences, studying coral reef ecology, marine biogeochemistry and fluid mechanics. She was also a KC-135R crew chief (aircraft mechanic) in the Air Force Reserve and, before joining NEON, oversaw oceanographic instrumentation and research facilities at the Joint Applied Math and Marine Sciences Fluids Lab. A bittersweet departure from all things ocean, Ivana is excited to now be living near the Rocky Mountains and working for ecology from an airborne platform.

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