Data Standards Technical Working Group

The Data Standards Technical Working Group is tasked with making recommendations to NEON about effective ways to provide NEON's data products to the broader scientific, educational, and policy communities. Topics may include 1) principles, standards, and policies for open data and software, 2) data discovery, exploration, and delivery mechanisms, 3) improvement of data products to increase utility, and 4) monitoring impact of NEON data use on research. If you have questions or comments for this working group, please contact Christine Laney.


Name Affiliation
Ben Domenico Unidata
Carl Lagoze Cornell University, Data Conservancy
David Greenlee U.S. Geological Survey
David Tarboten Utah State, CUASHI
David Vieglais University of Kansas
Emery Boose Harvard Forest LTER
Giri Palanisamy Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Inigo San Gil Long Term Ecological Research Network
Mark Parsons National Snow and Ice Data Center
Matt Jones National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS)
Michael Burek National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
Peter Griffith NASA, NACP
Peter Ruhl U.S. Geological Survey
Robert Guralnick University of Florida
Robert K. Peet University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Ted Habermann National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NSDES/NGDC)
Tyler Erickson Michigan Tech Research Institute
Vivian Hutchison U.S. Geological Survey
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