Get Specimens and Samples

NEON collects specimens and samples that complement automated measurements and observations on the ground. These samples may be requested by the community to support further analysis and research. Specimens and samples collected by NEON are archived and curated at NEON and external facilities. External archival and curation facilities, such as museums, are essential for validation processes and continued research purposes. NEON encourages researchers to request access to samples and specimens. The vast majority of these specimens will be held at external facilities that will curate and administer loans of NEON samples and specimens. NEON is currently in the process of identifying these facilities; this page will be updated with more information as these agreements are finalized. Learn more about NEON's Sample Use Policy and Data Usage and Citation Policies.

What's available now?

Availability of NEON Specimens and Samples

NEON is designed to provide the following specimens and samples once sites are operational and data are available:

Biological Specimens Collected by NEON

Category Data Status
Algae Not available
Aquatic plants, bryophytes and lichens Not available
Benthic macroinvertebrates Not available
Fish Not available
Frozen soil from microbial sampling Available by request

Genomic extracts:

  • Soil microbes
  • Mosquitoes
  • Beetles
  • Ticks
  • Small mammals
  • Aquatic microbes
  • Macroinvertebrates
  • Fish
Not available
Ground beetles Not available
Ground beetle pitfall trap bycatch Not available
Mosquitos Not available

Small mammals

  • Small fecal samples
Available by request
Ticks Not available
Vascular plants Not available
Zooplankton Not available

Geo Samples Collected by NEON

Category Data Status
Dust Not available
Soil Available by request
Wet deposition Not available